old icebox 2

I eat, read, and write like the rest of them.

I will continue working a normal day job until one of you decides to be my benefactor, at which point I’ll commit to developing an unhealthy addiction to an as yet undecided vice. (I’m willing to let said benefactor have a say in said vice if s/he chooses. That’s what mother calls incentive.)

I’m shockingly young for someone still asking questions about proper use of hashtags. In real life, I feel out of place amongst hipsters, yuppies, and pretty much anyone that isn’t a plebeian of homosapian proportions. In fake life (aka – this blog), I’m comfortable with everyone because I’m liberal (American-style, not Australian-style) and as open as my picture would lead you to believe.

Bare with me, and please excuse the occasional philosophical panic attack over Oxford commas, coffee-shop bloggers, and Santa Claus. That’s right, I just showed you where I stand on the Oxford comma debate.